Thursday, March 17, 2011

Business Attire!!!!

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Ladies, I have recently been dealing with a lot of interviews and different offices that require and some suggest business attire. I have found  that many women are unsure or have no clue what business attire is. Ladies when business attire is required or suggested it is vital that you do so.

Let's talk about what business attire is

Business attire is to look professional and conservative. Business attire is for those who want to have a great impression. Business tire does include suit (pant/skirt) slacks, sweater, skirt, blouse, closed toe shoe, and light jewelry. Business attire colors would include black, navy blue, brown, and grey. 

Don't get business attired confused with club attire. Club attire includes jeans, t-shirts, tight shirgts, flip flops, ect.

Business attire can also set you apart from the rest of the crowd. What you are alluding through garments is that you take yourself serious, your serious about your profession, you are professional, or even a growing professional.


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