Monday, June 27, 2011

Tennis Shoe Pimpin'

Tennis shoe pimpin' is what I use to do when I was younger. A phrase I have definitely adapted from my family. I use to be the girl who would wear tennis shoes all the time until I finally found my comfort zone in heels. Now I can't walk out the house without a lovely heel.

Well turns out my Aunt has a case of "Tennis Shoe Pimpin!" We were headed to my brothers baby shower and my aunt wanted to wear: Jeans, t-shirt, and tennis shoes. I immediately had to come in and get the situation under control. My aunts hair was already done and looking fabulous we just needed a cute outfit and accessories.

Burlington was the place that we decided to shop because you can always find a great deal. I found a sun dress that was pretty and yellow. It was cute on My Auntie Tammy but as we were walking through racks we found the perfect dress. She looked gorgeous.

We also had to accessorize and so we heard about this street fair in Monrovia, CA. It was so much fun, lots of people of different cultures, yummy food, and all types of vendors. Through all the vendors that had jewelry we found one that had twinkling yellow earrings and bracelet's to match.

For the baby shower my Auntie looked beautiful. I haven't seen her twinkle in so long and it was exciting. This was another reason why I want to continue to do fashion consulting, personal shopping, and having my own boutique. Just a simple garment can change everything.

My Auntie Tammy is right next to me with a beautiful brown and ivory summer dress. The print is gorgeous!

The earrings are stunning!

Thanks Auntie For the inspiration

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Pearls of Wisdom

A few tips for the day:
  • Always try your clothes and shoes before you! Otherwise, you may find yourself back at the store!
  • Check all tags and sizes
  • Make sure you looke at the garmet carefully so that you don't purchase anything with a hole, run, rip, etc.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

A little bit of runway...Chole Summer 2011

Fashion...Runway...I *hearts*
Chloes Summer line was great. Full of sophistacted, fun, flirty, flowy garmets. I love how the colors were used white, cream, tan, red and black. Check out the runway yourself :)

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Get Intimate with your Intimates - Soma Experience

Oh Ladies don't we just love our intimates!!! Bra's and Panties can be a fun item to shop for and at times can be dreadful! Well I had a warm experience at this store called Soma Intimates it was great because of the customer service and I felt as if I were the only person in the store. The first thing that happened after a pleasant greeting was the measurement of my bra size. In these moments this situation can be a total annoyance but I was actually surprised that it went well and I didn't feel uncomfortable I was brought into a nice and clean dressing room with a variety of bras just my size. I tried everyone on,  received and gave feedback to Ashely, the sales associate. Ashely was so knowledgeable and gave great tips on how to make sure a bra is fitted properly. 

Ashely Tips:

  • Get measured every 6 months
  • Make sure to adjust straps to a comfortable label
  • Keep the band is fastened on the second hook
  • Wear a nude that's closest to you skin tone and wear nude with your lights especially your whites
  • Wear your black bra with your dark blouses
  • For fun prints and bright colors you can wear those at anytime. Some women enjoy brights and fun bras.
Soma Intimates, has so much to offer because its great quality for a variety of sizes/ Sizes are from 32A - 44 DDD. In some stores they carry up to an F -Size.
Soma is now having their Semi Annual Sale! I am beyond excited because most of the bras are going for buy 1 get 1 50% off. Take advantage ladies who know how long the sale will last!! Soma Intimates
Bras are also staring @ $24.99

Sweet Buys:

Sale @ $24.99

New Arrival @ $44.00

Saturday, June 4, 2011

New Shoes for the Summer and Beyond!!!!!!!!!

Happy Camper...Shoeaholic and love it!

Shoe Dazzle...I love my new Marguerite heels and the color is called a tobacco. They are comfy  and hot!

A gift from My Aunt...they are so adorable and of course comfy my aunt wouldn't have it any other way!!

Shoes that are versatile is the best buy!!!

Chocalote Pearls Video Stream

April Snow - Review

I always had a love for Asian fashion...there something totally unique, courageous, and effortless about what the Asian culture does with their garments! On my weekend journey I found this dainty boutique called April Snow. April Snow is a designer and boutique owner. The clothing that she purchases for her boutique comes from Korea. At this cute boutique that I walked in I met a woman named Nae who is a sales associate at April Snow's who was very pleasant and informative about the clothes. Nae spoke highly of the designer April Snow and I seen some of the amazing dresses that she created. One that grabbed my attention was black and it was sleeveless and fit tight up top and flowed at the bottom. It was a thigh high dress and would have went really good with a cardigan.

April Snow had loose fitting fashionable t-shirts, dresses, cardigans, and some cute shoes. Another dress that I found truly adorable! It had a zipper front and it was tight at the waist to show off the hips. It was a soft yellow. April Snow also had some funky cheetah clogs that were adorable. I found my self falling in love with this boutique because it was dainty, soft, original designs, and fun clothing!!!
Nae showed me all around the boutique and also informed that there were different designs that's introduced to the boutique every Saturday! I think it is amazing that there something new every week for us fashion lovers!

Check April Snow boutique:
400 South Baldwin Avenue
Arcadia, CA 91007-1900

Hitting the Fashion Streets - Angl

Last weekend I was on the move to hit the fashion streets! I found this boutique called Angl was a great shopping experience it has all the latest trends. I found a really great sales associate by the name of Jessica and she was very knowledgeable of what the people were looking for. Angl is a great place to get a fun outfit for Vegas or any Los Angeles hot spot!
Jessica was very kind to list some hot trends for me:

Angl - Lacy tops you can wear underneath your see through top or wear as is!
Lacey Top – Fun

Prints – Fun and sexy
Maxi Dresses – Comfortable and loose 

See - Through -Tops

Angl - You can wear these underneath any top that bares a little more than usual

Check out Angl. They have a lot of party dresses, fun accessorize to upgrade any outfit, blazers, and off the shoulder tops. Check them out they have great customer service and will make sure you find something cute to take home.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Peek - A - Boo...I See You!

One trend I found very attractive and fun for the season is...Showing More Skin!!!!

I am loving the new see through tops!!! It's perfect for the summer. I tried a couple on over the weekend and the one I thought was cute was the turquoise. I loved the color...its versatile and perfect for the season!
Turquoise See -Through -Top from Angle

With a see through top you can play with what goes underneath! You can wear colorful takes or bras to really make this top pop! This shirt can be played up as a blouse and you can wear it with jeans or play it down as a tank and wear the top with shorts.