Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Pearls of Wisdom

A few tips for the day:
  • Always try your clothes and shoes before you! Otherwise, you may find yourself back at the store!
  • Check all tags and sizes
  • Make sure you looke at the garmet carefully so that you don't purchase anything with a hole, run, rip, etc.


Femmes With Benefits said...

So true! During my internship, we've learned that women return far more than men. Men go in for what they want, pay attention to details, purchase wisely, thus, returning items less.

Thanks for sharing!!

Kimberly, FWB

Chocolate Pearls said...

Of course. Yes men have a different mindset while coming in stores. Their shopping experience is totally different. We like spending time at the stores. :)
Please do continue to follow the blog. I would love to hear more of your input.

Thank you for commenting!
Chocolate Pearls

Rach said...

I'm actually really bad at inspecting clothes before I buy them. I've walked out with holes in my clothes wayy too many times only to have to return to the store which really sucks. I have (as of late) made sure to try on everything which saves time and gas.

Chocolate Pearls said...

Great point! The gas prices are sky high I think we could all take the time out to make sure we are not being wasteful.