Thursday, September 29, 2011


Thank You Forever 21!!

Love this ring

Adorable to the ear


Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Oooh La La


Love Kim Kardashian's, "Shoe Dazzle" website!! Shoe dazzle has some charming wedged heel boots that goes on the must list for fall. They are so adorable and makes any outfit gorgeous. Work or play they are perfect!

With Cute boots you have to have a hot purse!!!

Check out the cheetah Aldo die for!!

Wedges and Cheetah oohh la la


Who doesn't want to step out in wedged boots

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Cherry on top!!

Looking good is key but to go along with that is the "cherry on top" is smelling great!! Some scents that we are looking into indulge in is:

  • Pulse, Beyonce
  • Chance, Chanel
  • Connected Kenneth Cole Reaction, Kenneth Cole
  • Micheal Kors Gold, Micheal Kors
  • Wild Pear, Naomi Campbell
  • Dais, Marc Jacobs

Who doesn't love all those pretty bottles as well! Just remember to make sure you love the scent and it works for your body and the season. Some scents can be overwhelming.
Key to putting on perfume is not to drown yourself in it. Just dab some on your neck, behind your ears, and on your wrist. 

What are some of your favorite perfumes or perfumes your looking forward to?

Monday, September 26, 2011

Chocolate Pearls: Pearls of Wisdom

I am beyond excited about this trend for fall/winter! This is a trend that has been on and off glam for years. I always thought the trend was beautiful on others, but not myself. When I was younger I would not be caught dead in fur because I associated with the rich, famous and glamorous life. That type of lifestyle I did not live so I adored the the trend from afar. 

Now I am in my 20's I have grown! I have been more in tuned of who I am. Where I want to go and I have a different confidence and ere about me. I have realized I am glam just on a budget -- I don't want a real animal on my back anyways. I have come to the conclusion that I can do whatever I want, wear whatever, and do it 20 times better because I am true to me!!

This season represents my glam!!

I encourage everyone to try something new for the season and don't be discouraged! My pearl of wisdom of the month!!! 

Be on the look out of me and my fur!!!

Chocolate Pearls

F. Daniels

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Boss Lady

XI Pink blazer
 It's fall but that doesn't mean bold colors will be pushed back in the closet!!! Let it shine! This barbie pink blazer really really plays up the outfit!! This is my new favorite blazer for the office. The denim blue slacks really went well together. The touch of purple added zest to this outfit!!!
XI Blue Slacks

Love the purple cami and scarf!!!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


If you are not ready for fall hurry up and get ready! 
Here are somethings that we are looking at here at Chocolate Pearls:




Top shop




Summer is officially over: Taking a look back

I loved my summer wardrobe! Here is a  last look of my summer look since we are we are officially in fall.
Take a look:

Dinner anyone?

I am still in love with pointy shoulder dresses. I finally decided to get one for myself!!! The color is perfect for fall and it is stunning for a casual dinner!!

Orange, lace, pointy shoulder dress!

Accessorized with  orange flower ring *hearts*

Nude Bamboo Stiletto pumps
Gold ball - drop earrings

Off to dinner

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Part 3 - Traveling Series

From (love this pic)
Trends straight from what I call the Mother Land:

Many countries in Africa are continuing to fight to stay in the international spotlight of fashion.  You are seeing more African fashion designers at New York fashion week and they are having a direct influence on the trends. Love to see more shades of color in the fashion shows as well.

The popular ARISE Magazine has successfully brought Africa's fashion to the forefront and is  great source of what is going on in Africa's fashion world. Many celebrities and past great models support and has graced their presence on the magazine, such as: Naomi Campbell, Jay -Z, Alek Wek, Denzel Washington, and more. This has given international recognition that has helped this magazine explode. Check it out: Arise Magazine

Designers such as Anisa Mpungwe with Loin Cloth and Ashes really has the fashion world buzzing. Her collections and skill of art are amazing. Looking at the collection you instantly want to have what the model has on. Her dresses are unique and Mpungwe gives a daring touch to the whole collection.  Check it out: loinclothandashes

What Chocolate Pearls is Loving from Africa:

  • Head Wraps
  • Tribal Print
  • Bold Color (Mustard yellow, Vivid Purples, Olive greens, Deep Reds)
  • Femininity (I am happy it is back)
You can easily add some of these trends to your personal style. Tribal print is exotic and can be worn a night on the town, brunch or even at work. If your nervous about print try using a bold color and match accordingly you don't want to look all over the place. You can can be bold and chic. 
From one of my clients wardrobe

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Part 2 - Traveling Series

Ifashion had great representation of what Souh Africa provides to the fashion world which it helped to see what trends are set in this part of the world. The purpose of this website is to uplift the South African Fashion Culture.

Blogs, photos of runway, videos, comentary are all on this website. Here are some of the pictures Chocolate Pearls melted for:

*Kisses and Hugs*

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Traveling Series- First Stop countries in Africa

Travel around the world with Chocolate Pearls!!
Culture has such an impact on what we are wearing today. America has such a huge diversity due to all the many different types of cultures here and you can see it in our fashion.

First stop is Africa and we will visit a few countries such as Nigeria, Congo, and South Africa.
Africa has always brought a boldness and divafied style to the fashion world!

Hope you enjoyed Video

Continue to follow the Fashion Traveling Series

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Chocolate Pearls - Fashion Don'ts!

This post is not to be negative or to put anyone down. You can trust me as your fashion friend...the one that will save you from getting the fashion police off your back!


  • Bra straps hanging off the shoulder (bra straps showing period)
  • Skinny jeans showing to much muffin top
  • Not accessorizing at all (at least wear earrings)
  • Pajamas (going to thee store, Starbucks it does not matter no pajamas) 
  • Tights showing off your bottom (everywhere is not a yoga class, nobody wants to see your underwear, cover up)
What are some of your fashion pet peeves? Please share!!!