Thursday, September 22, 2011

Boss Lady

XI Pink blazer
 It's fall but that doesn't mean bold colors will be pushed back in the closet!!! Let it shine! This barbie pink blazer really really plays up the outfit!! This is my new favorite blazer for the office. The denim blue slacks really went well together. The touch of purple added zest to this outfit!!!
XI Blue Slacks

Love the purple cami and scarf!!!


AnnetteD said...

Loved the color combinations! Especially the added touch of the scarf

JustPatience said...

Love the blazer. The color is just so gorgeous. Great look.

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Mary and Dyer said...

Love this pink blazer!! So amazing!! You look great, xox.

I just became your newest follower! I would love for you to check out my blog & follow back if you like it! :)


Chocolate Pearls said...

Thank you!! I was really nervous about it because I haven't wore a bright pink in years but I loved it! It was a perfect uplift to this outfit!!!

@JustPatience I am following you!! Great blog
follow back xoxo

@Thanks for following...means the world to me!! Mary and Dyer I love your blog. I will be following you too

Chocolate Pearls said...

@Annette thank you for commenting! I have never been a scarf fan but this year I am trying something different! So far I am in love with scarfs <3

Posh.Kay said...

Love your colors! Don't change them because you they suit you perfectly!

Very nice blog, I will keep reading your posts!

Have a great work week ahead!

Chocolate Pearls said...

@K Thank you so much! I always express color and then I noticed that even I was tending to wear the same colors. So I wanted to make sure I brightened it up. I don't want to get stuck in gloomy colors for fall.