Monday, September 26, 2011

Chocolate Pearls: Pearls of Wisdom

I am beyond excited about this trend for fall/winter! This is a trend that has been on and off glam for years. I always thought the trend was beautiful on others, but not myself. When I was younger I would not be caught dead in fur because I associated with the rich, famous and glamorous life. That type of lifestyle I did not live so I adored the the trend from afar. 

Now I am in my 20's I have grown! I have been more in tuned of who I am. Where I want to go and I have a different confidence and ere about me. I have realized I am glam just on a budget -- I don't want a real animal on my back anyways. I have come to the conclusion that I can do whatever I want, wear whatever, and do it 20 times better because I am true to me!!

This season represents my glam!!

I encourage everyone to try something new for the season and don't be discouraged! My pearl of wisdom of the month!!! 

Be on the look out of me and my fur!!!

Chocolate Pearls

F. Daniels

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