Sunday, May 29, 2011

Don't Break the Bank for your Memorial Day Outfit!!!

Find something jazzy to wear without breaking the bank for Memorial Day! While your at it do something fun!! - Vintage Eyelet Dress
On Sale for $35.50

A cute wedge would go great with  this dress. Don't forget the jewelry to tie it all together. I suggest plenty of bangles and dangly earrings. Due to the dress being white you can play with many different colors just use your imagination! - Floral Romper
On sale for $27.50

What I find so easy to wear is a cute romper...dress it up and dress it down. Add as much jewelry as you would like. I personally love to wear long  necklaces and I also love to triple up on my bangles! I love the printed rompers there fun and nothing says "Look at me now" like a print does! I love heels so I always play my romper up with stilettos and a sun hat. There are other options as well like a wedge or even a flat sandal! - Top @ $17.50
I love tops or t-shirts like this because you can just throw it on with a pair of jeans some heels, accessorize, and just head out the door. It is a comfortable outfit that is fun and pleasing to the eye. This is as perfect Memorial Day top. Make it a true out outfit with a pair of jeans (skinny jeans, or boyfriend style jeans) a wedge or a pump. 

Places to go for Memorial Day:
  1.  The Beach -Bomb fire
  2. BBQ @ Home
  3. Friends & Family BBQ
  4. Movies
  5. Picnic @ the Park

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Solange Knowles - The Bold Standard

Solange Knowles has undoubtedly set herself apart from her sister! Her fashion sense is bold and exotic. Not afraid of colors and not afraid to be different. You can catch Ms. Solange in ethnic print, natural hair, bright colors, and a bomb shoe! Solange Knowles has a style that is amazing and its more amazing because she is confident! Solange Knowles is setting a bold standard in fashion!

photo from

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Simple and Classy wins the spot light for Billboard Awards

Pic from Billboard awards 2011. Fromm

The Billboard Awards were great! Most of the stars were stunning and really showed out. Of course everyone is fighting for the spotlight but there was one star that I think out shined everyone...Rhianna!
Simple and classy. I enjoyed the all white outfit with the coffee brown shoe. The V-cut shirt was perfect. Elegant gold accessories that accentuated the outfit. The white really made her win the spotlight.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Sensual & Hot! - Kelly Rowland "Motivation"

Wow the new Kelly Rolland video is hot! The song is great! Most off I loved her in that sensual purple!!!! Rowland's purple leotard with the hanging ruffle really was enticing. Her lips were popping with the sexy purple. In the Motivation Video everything is all black but her color choice made her have all the shine. Leotards are a trend this season as well but in an everyday purpose I suggest a cute jean with it...unless your actually a dancer or something.

Check out the video:

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Music and fashion make bold statments

I love the new Beyonce Song - Run the World! Anything that says go women I am down for. The wardrobe choice in the video is phenomenal. I love the strong colors that represent the women all over the world. Beyonce's gold dress that had a armor cut from days when the Greeks ruled the world in battle was amazing. I love how the gold with the accent of turquoise nails really put it all together. Bright dresses and capes that the dancers were wearing really illustrated the color trend of the season. These colors made the women's features stand out even thought they were in the background of beautiful Beyonce. Beyonce's white dress she was in, while woman handling the hyenas in the sand, really played up her blond hair. The browns, whites, and golds really was a great collaboration of color. The color combinations were intense in this video.

Bold statements immersed the scene with the different outfits that Beyonce had on! It was daring, sexy, militant, divafied, and dominating. Her garments in the video stated exactly what her words were saying - Women Run This!!! <3

Pearls of Wisdom





Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Kenneth Cole Spring 2011 Fashion Campaign

My thoughst...My Pearls...My Wisdom

The designer that inspires me for the summer would have to be Kenneth Cole.  Tangy oranges, olive greens, earth tones, and the classic black & white. Kenneth Cole is making a huge statement with the campaign that was launched this year. Models once again bringing together the powerful oranges and calming tans and browns. But color is not the only thing the Kenneth Cole was amazing for. It was the Campaign behind his Spring 2011 line. The statements that were made in the segments really reflected today's age in fashion and helped me reflect on my own image.
I find that the designer is making a bold statement with his spring 2011 line by stating the obvious image is everything. When you go to a meeting, an interview, class,  work, to the store people are making up their mind by the way you look. In these times with cameras snapping for every little thing, videos, Internet, facebook, blogs, etc. everyone is looking at you, who you look. Image is everything. I love this because what your clothes is an outer projection of who you are. I is just a reminder for me to make sure that I put effort into who I am and let it show. When I dress I think of the college educated, fun, classy, flirty, diva, struggling, motivated, etc woman that I am and that's exactly what I want to present to the world. Bringing out who I am through fashion is my statement to the world. If my clothes could talk it would say something like
 "Look at Me Now" "I am not the scared little girl anymore"
What would your clothes say about you? When you get up in the morning what would you want the world to see? I be that our bodies is a canvas and I like to dress mines up and sometimes dress mines down. When I am at work I want my supervisor to know that I am smart, mature and ready for a challenge. In this case I may slip on a bold sweater and slacks or a powerful suit. I don't take business casual lightly. When I am with my girls I like to dress in jeans a fun top and heels. When I go out into the world my image makes a powerful statement and my mind, heart, and spirit backs it up. Kenneth Cole spring line and campaign has actually inspired me to think about how I feel about fashion and where I want my image to say about me.

Orange Craze!!!

The perfect color for spring and color is any type of orangs. I <3 the sherbert orange this season and lets not forget about the coral. It goes. Its so easy to match with many different colors. Bright and sensual! Fun yet daring!

Bright hand bags are a must this season one of the most popular trend I suggest a gorgeous coral to make your browns, whites, nudes, and even gold.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Pearls of Wisdom

Ladies when looking for a specific shoe make sure you take your time and don't rush the purchase. I have recently had an incident where I had a special event to go to and I needed a red pump (I also was craving a red pump) and I went to the mall I looked in all the stores I knew I didn't want to spend more than $45.00. I already have an issue because I wear a size 5 so it's not easy getting shoes in the store. I found a store that had a pump that was bright fire engine red. I wasn't thrilled but i felt it would do. I tried on the shoes and it fit so I took it!!! It cost $42.89...I did also peep the sign that says no returns only exchanges. I kept it pushing because they fit and I felt it would have been fine!

The day of the event....was NO BUENO!

I can handle a high heel no problem. The shoe itself was horrible it was uncomfortable and on top of that it was scrapping up my feet. I was so embarrassed because this shoe was taking over my whole day. In my head I just kept thinking about how much money I paid and how I am pissed that this shoe is beyond cheap and worthless. I had to run to target to get a pair of sandals.

The lesson I learned:
Make sure it is a comfortable fit and take your time when wearing the shoe. Ladies please watch the hard material of the shoe and pay attention to where your the shoe is rubbing on your foot. When trying on the shoe take your time walk in them, look in the mirror, and make sure it is a comfortable shoe. Also keep receipt just in case and I would stay away from stores that don't allow you to return items. Those are the type of stores that don't believe in their product and lacks customer service.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Sharing is caring

Ladies, this summer a large ring is a must. I would like to share my new purchase.

Fun...Flirty...Dress it up...Dress it down!!! Overall Enjoy
Pick one up at you local boutique, Forever 21, HM, Target, Etc.
You can find these types of rings anywhere

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I appreciate you!!

Thanks To all my followers!! I appreciate your support!

Hats off to you!

All around the world!
The sun is out and the sun hats are out protecting us beautiful ladies from the sun. Not to mention hats are fun and sassy! Are hats protect us from having the sun rays fry us we should take the time out and protect our hats by simply getting a hat box. Not only can you find some fun and stylish prints they protect your hats from dust and from getting smashed and all out of shape. The hat box really helps keep your favorite hats in tip-top shape.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Sprinkle Here & Sprinkle There!!!

Dazzle up those nails with some fun spring colors. This Spring/Summer I am excited about all of the bright colors that you can simply accessorize with. Beautiful blues, daring reds, laid back browns, and radiant yellow. I found these colors to be fashion forward, daring, fun and, sophisticated.

Quick steps to a fast manicure:

  • Take off any nail polish that's already on nail with nail polish remover.
  • Soak hands in warm water and hand soap then dry hands
  • Clean under nails and if you have a cuticle nipper then clip cuticles.
  • Shape nails with nail filer
  • Paint nails with desired color (2 coats if necessary)
  • Then add top coat
  • Let nails dry

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