Wednesday, May 18, 2011

My thoughst...My Pearls...My Wisdom

The designer that inspires me for the summer would have to be Kenneth Cole.  Tangy oranges, olive greens, earth tones, and the classic black & white. Kenneth Cole is making a huge statement with the campaign that was launched this year. Models once again bringing together the powerful oranges and calming tans and browns. But color is not the only thing the Kenneth Cole was amazing for. It was the Campaign behind his Spring 2011 line. The statements that were made in the segments really reflected today's age in fashion and helped me reflect on my own image.
I find that the designer is making a bold statement with his spring 2011 line by stating the obvious image is everything. When you go to a meeting, an interview, class,  work, to the store people are making up their mind by the way you look. In these times with cameras snapping for every little thing, videos, Internet, facebook, blogs, etc. everyone is looking at you, who you look. Image is everything. I love this because what your clothes is an outer projection of who you are. I is just a reminder for me to make sure that I put effort into who I am and let it show. When I dress I think of the college educated, fun, classy, flirty, diva, struggling, motivated, etc woman that I am and that's exactly what I want to present to the world. Bringing out who I am through fashion is my statement to the world. If my clothes could talk it would say something like
 "Look at Me Now" "I am not the scared little girl anymore"
What would your clothes say about you? When you get up in the morning what would you want the world to see? I be that our bodies is a canvas and I like to dress mines up and sometimes dress mines down. When I am at work I want my supervisor to know that I am smart, mature and ready for a challenge. In this case I may slip on a bold sweater and slacks or a powerful suit. I don't take business casual lightly. When I am with my girls I like to dress in jeans a fun top and heels. When I go out into the world my image makes a powerful statement and my mind, heart, and spirit backs it up. Kenneth Cole spring line and campaign has actually inspired me to think about how I feel about fashion and where I want my image to say about me.

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