Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Chocolate Pearls Fashion Club!!

To my followers thank you for reading and actually taking the time out to comment and share your fashion experiences!!! Please continue to enjoy and bring a friend a long!!!

If you are interested in more fashion and plenty of girl talk...
Chocolate Pearls Fashion club will be starting soon if you are interested please send an e - mail and I will send all the details!

(It's at no cost just show and enjoy)

Monday, August 29, 2011

The Teryn Files - Chocolate Pearls stylist at your service

When it comes to fashion Teryn Bryant became lost but with a little bit of guidance and attacking the closet she is now found.
Teryn is a recent mother and newly beautiful wife and with all the excitement she became lost when it came to her style. Being a working mother and attending to a handsome husband isn’t easy as it looks. The sparkle was lost when it came to her closet and found herself “Fashion Morning” (wearing black everyday). When the realization the realization hit she knew exactly who to call...Chocolate Pearls!
Here is the start of a journey where stunning confidence and fabuloustakes over Teryn!
Step 1:
Teryn is a teacher, mother, and devoted wife. We needed to see what she has in her closet so we do not spend frivolously in the future. What is needed is versatility, something she can wear day and night, out to play and special outings. Teryn made it known that her appearance for work was very significant to her.
“I do not want anything to casual. I don’t want to look like my students”
We also needed to create outfits when she is out with her little diva. Also, just because she is a mother doesn’t mean going out with her husband gets pushed off to the side either. So we needed to make sure she is glamorous for her one and only!
Teryn brought most of her items out as I went through every piece of garment. I could tell she has over 50 vibrant outfits in her closet.  Within our previous conversation she told me she was tired of wearing black with everything she wore. Looking through her closet I didn’t understand how she could be wearing so much black she had colorful skirts, blouses, old and new.  In our meeting I was inspired by all the great garments she exposed to me.  Instantly outfits were made:

Perfect outfit ot go out in. Sheer gold with black skirt

Denim! Summmer...Fall...Whenever! Perfect for an afternoon stroll or
even having lunch with her girlfriends

LBD...wear to dinner or to work!

Black and White pin strips with bold red top!!

Work or out on the town

I love this skirt easy to play up or play down

Perfect for spending time with the hubby!!

Anywhere!!! Very bold print played up with solid red shirt
A list was made for the items that she did needed to get to make sure her closet was versatile and complete.
Part 2:
Shopping for the necessary items on the list! See you soon on the Teryn Files!!
Side Notes (As Teryn Bryant’s personal shopper and stylist):
Teryn is a low and cardigan girl.  Her style reminds me of the First Lady Michelle Obama. Teryn has a classic look. She brings a OOOHHH LA LA when it comes to bringing bright colors into the wardrobe. Her style is conservative, yet fun, with a dash of sex – appeal.  I love it!!

Friday, August 26, 2011

The 3 R's - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Reduce spending. Don't put out tons of money when you can...Reuse some of your Summer/Spring clothes...what ever you can't use Recycle and give them to someone else who can!

I am so happy this fall we won't be afraid of bright colors we can actually bring a little summer to fall to save and still look great this season. Here are some of the outfits I will be taking to the next season:

Tribal prints will still be relevant!
 Colors like orange and purple two versatile colors you can wear throughout the year!

Animal Print is a must for fall...tap into your wild life!

Brights will be rocking the spotlight for fall it brings a sparkle to your office outfit!

My at home photo shoot was fun and I actually was inspired by surroundings and the beautiful nature that Altadena provides. I hope you enjoyed

What will you be wearing this fall?


Celeb Watch - Googly eyes 4 Beyonce

Chocolate Pearls has the googly eyes for Beyonce!
This diva is a great performer and blows us away in with her harmony! Beyonce never disappoints in the wardrobe department either: onstage, hanging out, videos, or red carpet. Here are some of CP's favorite Beyonce outfits:

Beyonce - 4

Golden Globes 2007
Dressed up or down Beyonce has it going on! Do you have a favorite Beyonce outfit? Please share!!

Who are some of your favorite celebrities?

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Chocolate Pearls - Celeb Watch
Zoe Saldana is bringing the heat everyone is talking about, her movie....oh and her sex appeal!!
 Even painted blue (in the movie Avatar) her fierceness was still present. At this time she has a sizzling movie where she plays an Assassin and pushes the petal to the metal on the big screen.
Zoe style and has always been one to drool for when she hit the red carpet!!!! Check out her latest endeavors at:

zoe saldana

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Chocolate Pearls Top 5 favorite pieces from the Kardashian Kollection

I wouldn't dare step into fall with out cheetah print!
A little bling bling to place all eyes on you!
We have been dying for the perfect satchel

Step your boot game up and you will fall over hills with the rest of us!
Your so precious you be wrapped in a bow at all times!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Chocolate Pearls - Malibu Style

 I hope everyone has made it to the beach this season. If not make it out there soon. If your a little lost of what to wear...this post will help you!!

Bathing Suite of your desire
Cover up (Great to walk around and shop with)    

When you think of getting ready for the beach think of fun and natural beauty. Don't be plain wear some printed sunglasses or a banana yellow bathing suite Dress in great taste when you go the beach you still want to look hot no matter the size, age, etc. The beach is for everyone so enjoy!! 
 Hope You Enjoyed!!!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Nail Polish Results - Somthing new...something old...and that disappointment.

 "Yoga-ta get this blue," by O.P.I is a keeper. The name of the color says it all. I love it!! Midnight blue with sparkles that just remind me of sitting under the stars. Matched the color up with a nail polish from Forever 21 called, "Aqua" and it actually went very well together because the Aqua was like a perfect summer day. This combination is called day and night!!!! 
Unfortunately, there was some trouble with some one of the new colors that were purchased called, "Turned up Turquoise," by China Glaze. The color would come on the name so nice and sparkly and then dry up and it looked like the color was sucked out of it! Disappointing!

Can't judge a color by the jar!!

What nail Colors are you wearing in August?

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Kindle Book Club -

I love to read and I am so happy about my Kindle that I stumbled across. My favorite genre is romance...not erotica! Lol
Seriously I love to hear about people falling in and out of love and the drama that tails along with it. Most of the stories end with some type of fairytale ending, but that's okay, that is exactly why I enjoy it!! I love to dream up being in cloud 9 24 - 7.  Reading and discovering how one person loves another person is so fun and pleasurable to read. My first book that I read on my Kindle was, Dancing in the Moonlight by Raeann Thayne. This read was a chocolate pleasure because it was a about a woman who was unsure of herself because of some tragic events that happened in her life and couldn't tell that love was right under her nose. When she became aware that she deserved to be love a new chapter in her life began. I loved it :)

The next read that I am excited for is going to be a little different. The storyline seems to entail there will be some hot relationships, fashion, drama, fun, Reality TV, and the Hollywood life. The book is called, L.A. Candy by Lauren Conrad. I am actually a little late on this read when it first came out in 2009 I was not interested especially with all the hype around it. At this point I am willing to see if this book will entertain me!! Ladies I will keep you in formed!!

Pearls of Wisdom:
  • Try reading 1 book every 2 weeks or 1 book every month.
  • You don't need a Kindle to do it. Order a book online or even better go to the library it is free!!

What books are you reading? Please share!


Saturday, August 13, 2011

Indulge into a piece of your heaven!!

Feeling glam at work with a bright color top
always makes me get through the day!
Work can really take over life at times to where you feel that you don't have one at all. Most of us need a job to make sure we have the essentials to maintain in life so quitting is not an option. So, why not turn your lemon into some lemonade? Do something to make yourself feel good so that you can have that little piece of heaven. It also reminds you why you are working your tail feather off and in most cases it will pay off.

Start by thinking what you like to do but due to the lack of time you have not had a chance to do it; writing in your journal, painting your nails, make - up, exercise, etc.
Remind yourself this is your slice of heaven and it is your time. Sometimes the small things are what matter most, treasure it, enjoy it and take that with you to work. Although, it may be a long day you have something to smile about.

  • Bubble bath and a book
  • Nail polish and a movie
  • Journal writing and a cocktail
  • Jog and a stretch
  • Make-up and Photos
Indulge in your luxurious moment!

Please give feed back and let us know what your piece of heaven was!

-Chocolate Pearls

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Check Out Target’s Missoni Ads

Check Out Target’s Missoni Ads

It's Just the Leo in Me

It's my Birthday Month and I am celebrating all through out!! I started out with nail polish today from Ulta my favorite Beauty Store! I have been trying to keep up with my nails try different colors and of course save money by doing my own up keeping for my mani and pedi! Well today's shopping event's were an inspiration from my favorite time of the year, my month, my day, and things that I love.

I am a Leo I love the lioness in me...hear me roar!!!! So my first color was inspired by the beautiful, sparkling brown of a lioness.

  • Nicole by O.P.I - The Next CEO
I love cheetah print and this next polish reminded me of a cheetah print spot. It yells bold, sexy, and versatile. I can wear this color for summer and fall
  • O.P.I - Brisbane Bronze
I have a love for the sound of the ocean and the beauty of the dark blue sky during summer nights. This color was inspired by peace and tranquility
  • O.P.I - Yoga - Ta Get This Blue
I love to have splashes of great fun this color represented that all the way!
  • China Glaze - Turned Up Turquoise

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Jeans 101

Jeans!!! It's jeans season and it is time to renew your jeans. We all have that one pair that will never leave the closet but it is best to at least purchase a pair once a year. In August you get a lot of stores that place their denim for sale...which is great for our pocket book!

Places to shop for jeans for all sizes:
  • JcPennys (Back to school sale for everyone)
  • Macys (Having Site wide savings)
  •  Forever 21 (Fabulous Snags)
  • Charlotte Russe (Buy 1 get 1 50%)
  • Levis Great deals! Also has new jean line called ("Levis Curve Id")
  • Lane Bryant (50% off of Denim)

How to take care of your jeans:
  1. Turn jeans inside out
  2. Wash only 3 -  4 jeans together
  3. Wash cold or warm water
  4. Hang dry
  5. Always look at the tag! The jeans with all those fabulous jewels on them may need to be dry cleaned
Enjoy your fab jeans for the rest of the year!!

When shopping for jean's try them on. Do not walk out the store without making sure they are a comfy fit. Make sure there are no snags unwanted holes. There are different types of styles for jeans as well and may give you a different.

Denim Leg opening:
  • Boot cut
  • Flare
  • Skinny Jeans
  • Straight leg
  • Boyfriend Jeans
Denim Waist Fit:
  • At waist
  • Just below waist
  • Low rise