Friday, August 19, 2011

Nail Polish Results - Somthing new...something old...and that disappointment.

 "Yoga-ta get this blue," by O.P.I is a keeper. The name of the color says it all. I love it!! Midnight blue with sparkles that just remind me of sitting under the stars. Matched the color up with a nail polish from Forever 21 called, "Aqua" and it actually went very well together because the Aqua was like a perfect summer day. This combination is called day and night!!!! 
Unfortunately, there was some trouble with some one of the new colors that were purchased called, "Turned up Turquoise," by China Glaze. The color would come on the name so nice and sparkly and then dry up and it looked like the color was sucked out of it! Disappointing!

Can't judge a color by the jar!!

What nail Colors are you wearing in August?


Anonymous said...

I am wearing 'Turned up torquoise' by china glazed. I did a combination with a metallic bronze and it looked great

Shante said...

I just out this plum color on my toes and I'll be putting a nice gray or some other neutral color on my hands.

Chocolate Pearls said...

@Annette I am glad it worked out for you!! :)

@Shante please let me know the results the color scheme sounds like sophisticate

Rach said...

Love the colors! You should also try Essie's Turquoise & is divine!