Saturday, August 13, 2011

Indulge into a piece of your heaven!!

Feeling glam at work with a bright color top
always makes me get through the day!
Work can really take over life at times to where you feel that you don't have one at all. Most of us need a job to make sure we have the essentials to maintain in life so quitting is not an option. So, why not turn your lemon into some lemonade? Do something to make yourself feel good so that you can have that little piece of heaven. It also reminds you why you are working your tail feather off and in most cases it will pay off.

Start by thinking what you like to do but due to the lack of time you have not had a chance to do it; writing in your journal, painting your nails, make - up, exercise, etc.
Remind yourself this is your slice of heaven and it is your time. Sometimes the small things are what matter most, treasure it, enjoy it and take that with you to work. Although, it may be a long day you have something to smile about.

  • Bubble bath and a book
  • Nail polish and a movie
  • Journal writing and a cocktail
  • Jog and a stretch
  • Make-up and Photos
Indulge in your luxurious moment!

Please give feed back and let us know what your piece of heaven was!

-Chocolate Pearls


Sheena said...

My slice of heaven = a good book and sipping my favorite juice or wine.

Anonymous said...

Shopping with no worries and then enjoying a meal that someone else cooked.

Shante said...

this is great! I definitely have to remember to step away from the computer and go home. I have to make sure that I do things that are pleasurable for me that's not relating to the job.