Monday, August 29, 2011

The Teryn Files - Chocolate Pearls stylist at your service

When it comes to fashion Teryn Bryant became lost but with a little bit of guidance and attacking the closet she is now found.
Teryn is a recent mother and newly beautiful wife and with all the excitement she became lost when it came to her style. Being a working mother and attending to a handsome husband isn’t easy as it looks. The sparkle was lost when it came to her closet and found herself “Fashion Morning” (wearing black everyday). When the realization the realization hit she knew exactly who to call...Chocolate Pearls!
Here is the start of a journey where stunning confidence and fabuloustakes over Teryn!
Step 1:
Teryn is a teacher, mother, and devoted wife. We needed to see what she has in her closet so we do not spend frivolously in the future. What is needed is versatility, something she can wear day and night, out to play and special outings. Teryn made it known that her appearance for work was very significant to her.
“I do not want anything to casual. I don’t want to look like my students”
We also needed to create outfits when she is out with her little diva. Also, just because she is a mother doesn’t mean going out with her husband gets pushed off to the side either. So we needed to make sure she is glamorous for her one and only!
Teryn brought most of her items out as I went through every piece of garment. I could tell she has over 50 vibrant outfits in her closet.  Within our previous conversation she told me she was tired of wearing black with everything she wore. Looking through her closet I didn’t understand how she could be wearing so much black she had colorful skirts, blouses, old and new.  In our meeting I was inspired by all the great garments she exposed to me.  Instantly outfits were made:

Perfect outfit ot go out in. Sheer gold with black skirt

Denim! Summmer...Fall...Whenever! Perfect for an afternoon stroll or
even having lunch with her girlfriends

LBD...wear to dinner or to work!

Black and White pin strips with bold red top!!

Work or out on the town

I love this skirt easy to play up or play down

Perfect for spending time with the hubby!!

Anywhere!!! Very bold print played up with solid red shirt
A list was made for the items that she did needed to get to make sure her closet was versatile and complete.
Part 2:
Shopping for the necessary items on the list! See you soon on the Teryn Files!!
Side Notes (As Teryn Bryant’s personal shopper and stylist):
Teryn is a low and cardigan girl.  Her style reminds me of the First Lady Michelle Obama. Teryn has a classic look. She brings a OOOHHH LA LA when it comes to bringing bright colors into the wardrobe. Her style is conservative, yet fun, with a dash of sex – appeal.  I love it!!

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Shante said...

Great job Fanya. Try and get Teryn to take some pics in the outfits you put together for a follow-up post!