Friday, August 26, 2011

Celeb Watch - Googly eyes 4 Beyonce

Chocolate Pearls has the googly eyes for Beyonce!
This diva is a great performer and blows us away in with her harmony! Beyonce never disappoints in the wardrobe department either: onstage, hanging out, videos, or red carpet. Here are some of CP's favorite Beyonce outfits:

Beyonce - 4

Golden Globes 2007
Dressed up or down Beyonce has it going on! Do you have a favorite Beyonce outfit? Please share!!

Who are some of your favorite celebrities?


Shante said...

love that 2nd picture. i haven't found a celebrity who's style I admire yet. I think that I'm still waiting for a plus size person that just completely grabs my attention.

Chocolate Pearls said...

You who I adored when she was plus size...Jennifer Hudson