Thursday, May 19, 2011

Music and fashion make bold statments

I love the new Beyonce Song - Run the World! Anything that says go women I am down for. The wardrobe choice in the video is phenomenal. I love the strong colors that represent the women all over the world. Beyonce's gold dress that had a armor cut from days when the Greeks ruled the world in battle was amazing. I love how the gold with the accent of turquoise nails really put it all together. Bright dresses and capes that the dancers were wearing really illustrated the color trend of the season. These colors made the women's features stand out even thought they were in the background of beautiful Beyonce. Beyonce's white dress she was in, while woman handling the hyenas in the sand, really played up her blond hair. The browns, whites, and golds really was a great collaboration of color. The color combinations were intense in this video.

Bold statements immersed the scene with the different outfits that Beyonce had on! It was daring, sexy, militant, divafied, and dominating. Her garments in the video stated exactly what her words were saying - Women Run This!!! <3

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