Friday, May 6, 2011

Pearls of Wisdom

Ladies when looking for a specific shoe make sure you take your time and don't rush the purchase. I have recently had an incident where I had a special event to go to and I needed a red pump (I also was craving a red pump) and I went to the mall I looked in all the stores I knew I didn't want to spend more than $45.00. I already have an issue because I wear a size 5 so it's not easy getting shoes in the store. I found a store that had a pump that was bright fire engine red. I wasn't thrilled but i felt it would do. I tried on the shoes and it fit so I took it!!! It cost $42.89...I did also peep the sign that says no returns only exchanges. I kept it pushing because they fit and I felt it would have been fine!

The day of the event....was NO BUENO!

I can handle a high heel no problem. The shoe itself was horrible it was uncomfortable and on top of that it was scrapping up my feet. I was so embarrassed because this shoe was taking over my whole day. In my head I just kept thinking about how much money I paid and how I am pissed that this shoe is beyond cheap and worthless. I had to run to target to get a pair of sandals.

The lesson I learned:
Make sure it is a comfortable fit and take your time when wearing the shoe. Ladies please watch the hard material of the shoe and pay attention to where your the shoe is rubbing on your foot. When trying on the shoe take your time walk in them, look in the mirror, and make sure it is a comfortable shoe. Also keep receipt just in case and I would stay away from stores that don't allow you to return items. Those are the type of stores that don't believe in their product and lacks customer service.

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