Thursday, September 1, 2011

Chocolate Pearls - Fashion Don'ts!

This post is not to be negative or to put anyone down. You can trust me as your fashion friend...the one that will save you from getting the fashion police off your back!


  • Bra straps hanging off the shoulder (bra straps showing period)
  • Skinny jeans showing to much muffin top
  • Not accessorizing at all (at least wear earrings)
  • Pajamas (going to thee store, Starbucks it does not matter no pajamas) 
  • Tights showing off your bottom (everywhere is not a yoga class, nobody wants to see your underwear, cover up)
What are some of your fashion pet peeves? Please share!!!

1 comment:

Shante said...

A peeve of mine is wearing clothes either too big or way too baggy.