Saturday, September 17, 2011

Part 3 - Traveling Series

From (love this pic)
Trends straight from what I call the Mother Land:

Many countries in Africa are continuing to fight to stay in the international spotlight of fashion.  You are seeing more African fashion designers at New York fashion week and they are having a direct influence on the trends. Love to see more shades of color in the fashion shows as well.

The popular ARISE Magazine has successfully brought Africa's fashion to the forefront and is  great source of what is going on in Africa's fashion world. Many celebrities and past great models support and has graced their presence on the magazine, such as: Naomi Campbell, Jay -Z, Alek Wek, Denzel Washington, and more. This has given international recognition that has helped this magazine explode. Check it out: Arise Magazine

Designers such as Anisa Mpungwe with Loin Cloth and Ashes really has the fashion world buzzing. Her collections and skill of art are amazing. Looking at the collection you instantly want to have what the model has on. Her dresses are unique and Mpungwe gives a daring touch to the whole collection.  Check it out: loinclothandashes

What Chocolate Pearls is Loving from Africa:

  • Head Wraps
  • Tribal Print
  • Bold Color (Mustard yellow, Vivid Purples, Olive greens, Deep Reds)
  • Femininity (I am happy it is back)
You can easily add some of these trends to your personal style. Tribal print is exotic and can be worn a night on the town, brunch or even at work. If your nervous about print try using a bold color and match accordingly you don't want to look all over the place. You can can be bold and chic. 
From one of my clients wardrobe


Rach said...

Love your traveling series idea. It is soo great to see someone spotlight fashion from other countries. One of my favorite lines thats inspired by african prints is But Africa as a whole has soo much undiscovered talent.

Chocolate Pearls said...

I think your right!! I am so happy to see them fighting there way in the international fashion stage!! I will check out that website!