Monday, June 27, 2011

Tennis Shoe Pimpin'

Tennis shoe pimpin' is what I use to do when I was younger. A phrase I have definitely adapted from my family. I use to be the girl who would wear tennis shoes all the time until I finally found my comfort zone in heels. Now I can't walk out the house without a lovely heel.

Well turns out my Aunt has a case of "Tennis Shoe Pimpin!" We were headed to my brothers baby shower and my aunt wanted to wear: Jeans, t-shirt, and tennis shoes. I immediately had to come in and get the situation under control. My aunts hair was already done and looking fabulous we just needed a cute outfit and accessories.

Burlington was the place that we decided to shop because you can always find a great deal. I found a sun dress that was pretty and yellow. It was cute on My Auntie Tammy but as we were walking through racks we found the perfect dress. She looked gorgeous.

We also had to accessorize and so we heard about this street fair in Monrovia, CA. It was so much fun, lots of people of different cultures, yummy food, and all types of vendors. Through all the vendors that had jewelry we found one that had twinkling yellow earrings and bracelet's to match.

For the baby shower my Auntie looked beautiful. I haven't seen her twinkle in so long and it was exciting. This was another reason why I want to continue to do fashion consulting, personal shopping, and having my own boutique. Just a simple garment can change everything.

My Auntie Tammy is right next to me with a beautiful brown and ivory summer dress. The print is gorgeous!

The earrings are stunning!

Thanks Auntie For the inspiration

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