Saturday, June 4, 2011

April Snow - Review

I always had a love for Asian fashion...there something totally unique, courageous, and effortless about what the Asian culture does with their garments! On my weekend journey I found this dainty boutique called April Snow. April Snow is a designer and boutique owner. The clothing that she purchases for her boutique comes from Korea. At this cute boutique that I walked in I met a woman named Nae who is a sales associate at April Snow's who was very pleasant and informative about the clothes. Nae spoke highly of the designer April Snow and I seen some of the amazing dresses that she created. One that grabbed my attention was black and it was sleeveless and fit tight up top and flowed at the bottom. It was a thigh high dress and would have went really good with a cardigan.

April Snow had loose fitting fashionable t-shirts, dresses, cardigans, and some cute shoes. Another dress that I found truly adorable! It had a zipper front and it was tight at the waist to show off the hips. It was a soft yellow. April Snow also had some funky cheetah clogs that were adorable. I found my self falling in love with this boutique because it was dainty, soft, original designs, and fun clothing!!!
Nae showed me all around the boutique and also informed that there were different designs that's introduced to the boutique every Saturday! I think it is amazing that there something new every week for us fashion lovers!

Check April Snow boutique:
400 South Baldwin Avenue
Arcadia, CA 91007-1900

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