Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Featured Fashion Designer - Stephen Burrows

Stephen Burrows a high fashion designer who was born in Newark, New Jersey, 15 September 1943. He has done an amazing job in fashion!
His career included having a boutique and being founder and director of Burrows, Inc. He has done ready to wear design in1989. People have been wearing Stephen Burrows since 1963! Everyone from Iman, Aretha Franklin, Taylor Swift, Vanessa Williams, Diana Ross, and plenty more! Stephen Burrows has a great Fall 2011 line that hit the run way check it out at Stephen Burrows 2011  He has also been featured in many magazines such as : Essence, Vogue, Elle, and many other publications.  Stephen Burrows is a great designer that has creativity power and uses it! He doesn't make everything look the same just because it's a trend!!! Check out his website

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