Monday, March 7, 2011

Photo shoot 1

Reaching back into the closet can feel like such a drag!!! Not this time around!! I found some great outfits that has showed my growth as a woman and where I want to be in the future. Here is my at home photo shoot!!

Playing with the camera was fun!!
Purple delight thermal, black sweater vest, and black slacks
Fun color and gorgeous accessories

Black pant suit with creme silk shirt

Brown pin striped skirt suit along with black designed tights.
Brown and gold accessories to top this powerful outfit off!!

Part 2

Black and white skirt suit which represents the 1980's office style!

Fun and flirty cheetah top with blue denim jeans!
Gold accessories and sun glasses to match!
These outfits are now on my Fav list! Ladies take a moment out and see what you have and how you can put together some fun, sophisticated, and chic outfits!!!

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