Monday, October 24, 2011

Chocolate Pearls Spotlight: Wrinkle In Time Vintage

Picture From Laura's Blog: Wrinkle In Time Vintage
Who doesn't love a dose of vintage. Vintage has a timeless feel just like Laura, who is responisble for a great blog called, "Wrinkle In Time Vintage!" Chocolate Pearls is so in love with this ladies blog we had to put her in the spotlight. Wrinkle In Time Vintage  is inspiring and it bring the timeless feel of fashion. Her blog reminds me of those special moments of playing dress up with your moms pearls and heels. Even the great times when your sister passed down those cute jeans. Laura brings a classic yet modern aura to the fashion world! Please take the time out to enjoy Wrinkle In Time Vintage and below is the interview that shines a burst of light on this talented blogger:
Picture From Laura's Blog: Wrinkle In Time Vintage

  • What made you decide to blog? I decided to create my own blog after first stumbling across the popular site Through this site I uncovered the wonderful world of personal style blogging, I was so incredibly inspired by all these girls who created fantastic careers for themselves through their blogs. Plus I have always had a soft spot for writing and photography so it just seemed like the natural way to let out my creativity
  • What drew you to fashion? I can't really pin point the exact moment I became interested in fashion, my mum has always taken pride in how she dresses herself, so I suppose that was what first started it. I can remember when I was about 13 I started reading Vogue and all the girls at school thought I was weird. Since then I've had an on and off relationship with fashion, but right now we are well and truly on again! I am currently studying Certificate IV in Business Major in Fashion and loving it!
  • Who's style inspires you? I can honestly say I don't really get 'inspired' by other peoples styles, because my style is very much my own and is constantly changing. In terms of outfit inspiration I sometimes see the way other bloggers have put together outfits and then try and create something similar with my own little twist. But at the risk of sounding boring I will say that I love Nicole Warne from Gary Pepper Vintage, Emma Watson, Elle Fanning, Carrey Mulligan and Dylana Suarez from Color Me Nana!
  • Favorite thing to wear for fall? At the moment where I live we're currently in the middle of Spring and all eagerly awaiting summer, so for spring I'd say my favourite thing to wear is colour. In Australia it looks like an entire paint store has exploded inside all our shops and I am so in love with fuscia at the moment. But when it was fall here I was wearing maxi skirts and palazzo pants non stop, they allow you to still keep a summery vibe but they're perfect for hiding cozy wool tights underneath.
  • What advice would you give to a woman trying to find her own personal style? I think the most important thing you need to have when you're trying to find your own style is a lot of basics, like heaps of white t-shirts and lots of black staple pieces. That way, as you test the waters of your personal style more and more, you've got simple pieces to build around and it makes the process a lot easier.
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