Monday, October 10, 2011

Chocolate Pearls: Writer To Reader

Dear Reader,
It has been such a busy week and at this time I am so happy to be home watching a movie. A chick flick is exactly what I needed to relax me from the week’s events.  “A Walk to Remember,” to take me to la la land, while enjoying quiet time. I have already smiled and cried at least 2 times over the movie but it felt good.  

This movie has reminded me about how important October is better yet how important it is to love because you never know what can happen. Having a clear mind today I just thought about not only all the beautiful women that have breast cancer but all of the people who are suffering from some sort of cancer. I have a couple in my family that is still marching and some we lost in the fight against all cancer.  

I was inspired to write to my readers to ask you all to stay abreast and to do your part in the fight for all people who are dealing with some sort of cancer. I know most people are thinking they have to whip out the check book (which is helpful) this is not necessarily what you have to do to support. Below are some ways that you can do to help:

  1. Live, Love, Laugh share with others
  2. Volunteer at your nearest hospital or senior center
  3.  Donate
  4. Get involved with different cancer organizations (ex: Susan G. Komen or American Cancer Society)
  5. Send care packages
  6. Wear pink (If there is another color that represents a certain type of cancer)
  7. Start a group
  8. Share facts with others
  9. Making a difference is always fashionable.

Fanya D.
Chocolate Pearls

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