Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Thank You to Lil Miss Butter Cup

I would like the thank  Lil Miss Butter Cup for nominating Chocolate Pearls for Kreative Blogger!! I love her blog as well!! She has a great eye for fashion and Chocolate Pearls loves her fun fashion filled blog!! Keep up the great work!!!

To my Readers please Check out Lil Miss Butter Cup


Samantha Jangira said...

You are welcome...and thank you as well for the lovely compliment :)

Shante said...

Congrats Fanya! Make sure that you pass it forward...when you get nominated you should then nominate others.

I see my ACE rackin up these awards. I'm proud of you!

Chocolate Pearls said...

Will do just looking for time sandz!! :)
Thank you I am very proud of you as well :)