Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Top 3 Business Casual Outfits (That should be in your wardrobe)

Business Casual
Victoria Secrets

Being a working girl there is certain attire you must wear at the office. Sometimes you have those days where you just want to roll out of bed. Unfortunately you still have to look presentable. If you your work place allows business casual here are the top 3 looks. Easy to put on and just accessorize and walk out the door!
1. Black shoes (easy to match with anything)
2. Button up collared shirt (any color)
3. Let your accessories do the talking (pearls, gold, silver, or any color)

MICHAEL Michael Kors Sausalito Jeans, Premiere Indigo Wash
Macy's - Michael Kors

 For Jean Day at the J-O-B!

  1. Do a classic denim jean (Darker the better
  2. No cut up jeans, rips, holes, washed jeans highlighting the thighs or bottom
  3. A sweater top
  4. Add a cute scarf to pump up the outfit
  5. A shoe you desire

Color makes casual pop

  1. Jeans or slacks
  2. Wear a bright color (pink, blue, mustard, orange, etc)
  3. Wear a blazer to bring the business look easy and effortless
Express - Blazer

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