Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Winner's Are...

I am so excited about the awards I have been receiving I wanted to pass it forward! I have been so busy as of late but I have been thinking about my blog family and all the great things they do!!

All of us bloggers love what we do!! We love fashion and sharing our lifestyle! We all get to learn from each other, express, ourselves and do what we love!! I commend every blogger but there are a few that I would love to put the spotlight on!!!

1.     Shante of It's What I Do  has a fun and inviting blog that we all can relate to! Shante is very motivating and has a fun yet sophisticated style!! I always love seeing what she has cooking up and the great outfits she puts together.
2.     Kay of Posh.Kay is so fashion forward I get fashiongasims every time I get on this blog. Very high fashion with unique topics. I feel as if I am on the runway when Kay Blogs.
3.     Samantha Jangira of Little Miss Buttercup really caught my eye because of the lovely page she has. I love the lips all over the page. Most importantly her outfits are so cute and she really knows how to put outfits together. Very bold with color, fun trends, and the accessories that she chooses are great!
4.     Arden of  Top Coat is a fascinating blog and brings high fashion to another height. I love the photography and magazine editorials she continues to put on her blog. In Every post her passion for fashion is displayed.
5.     My new obsession is The Cherry On Top by Julia her portraits are beautiful. I learned of her blog through Shante. I am looking forward to more of her great works!!

Looking forward to continue to reading more great blogs. This award idea is great because bloggers should always support each other!! 



Anonymous said...

Fanya thank you so much for this award! I am going to pass it to other cool blogs & I'm definitely going to follow you! Thanks so much again :)

Chocolate Pearls said...

Of Course!!! Your work is great :)

Shante said...

Thanks boo!

Marissa said...

Love the support of bloggers supporting other bloggers! It's such a great community! Keep up the great work!

- Marissa

Chocolate Pearls said...

Thank you so much Marissa!!

Anonymous said...

I'm creating a post about the award & I just quickly wanted to ask which blogger award is it? The Kreativ Blogger award ?

Chocolate Pearls said...

The Kreative Award :)