Saturday, November 26, 2011

Not so in a rush for Black Friday!

I have am so sorry I have neglected all my great readers…I’ve been so busy with the holiday.
I know Black Friday has gone and passed and to be honest not too thrilled. There was nothing that I was going to stand outside for hours for. Although there are plenty of items I would get up early for and purchase online:

Victoria Secrets - $59.99

Bakers Shoes - $59.99

Victoria Secrets - Clearance $59.99
Not to much not too little. I am a huge fan of the chunky heel and I am ready to add it to my wardrobe. The flat riding boots by sketchers are so cute something you just can't pass up. I love this season because it's perfect for sweater dresses and Victoria Secrets has the sexiest ones ever!! 

Please feel free to share your purchases from Black Friday

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