Sunday, January 22, 2012

For the Teeny - Bopper!

One of my readers have requested that I do a post that caters to the age range of preteen/teenager. I must say this was a difficult task. 
I haven't been a Teen or Preteen in a very long time and the world has definitely changed since then. You see teenagers that dress like adults and wearing inappropriate attire. As I was searching I found this website called Justice and instantly remembered seeing this clothing store in the mall. I instantly began to look around and found some of the cutest outfits.  Here are some of my ideas for my very special reader that I think is cute and sassy but appropriate for the age range. I think Justice is the perfect place to shop.

Floral Stripe dress

Colored Denim Crop Capris
Peacock Feather Long Necklace
Mood Peace Best Friends Necklace

Colored Denim Crop Capris
Mint is a popular color for spring!
It's such a soft and adorable color
Zebra Heart Tote
A fun bag to wear!

Peace medallion maxi dress
A maxi dress is a must for spring. It's so easy to
wear and  your comfy all day!


Shabby, Chic, & Cheap said...

Great post! I agree there are so many tweens out there dressing like grown women, and it can be very inappropriate. The pieces you picked are cute yet still have a childlike sense to them.

Chocolate Pearls said...

Thank you. It was so difficult because I didn't want to seem uncool but I did not want to cross the line of showing outfits that were above the age limit. Honestly I had to think what did I want to wear back then and what did my parent me to wear. As I am older I think my parents knew exactly what they were talking about!

Chanel Tonè said...

FABUNISTA, I love your blog and I love your style! I also would absolutely love to have someone of your expertise as a follower of the Style~ Spotlighted! Of course, I will gladly and quickly return the favor. I sincerely hope to see you soon so we can connect and collab ;)

Meanwhile, Stay FABulous!