Thursday, April 12, 2012

Naked 2012

 It's bathing suite season and this year I am honestly trying to pump myself up about the shopping experience and trying everything on. So far I have done some research on the internet and I fell in love with Victoria Secrets, Wireless Push-up Monokini. 

I have my own campaign to help motivate myself and hopefully others, to get into shape and have a healthy year, and I named this campaign Naked 2012. LOL I have been blasting it on Twitter and Facebook. Naked 2012 is just me gearing myself to feel confident in my short - shorts, mid-drifts, and when I look at my body front on I can fall in love all over again. Trust me I am like ever other woman I get those up and down moments and sometimes your unsatisfied with yourself and you know you can do better.  That is where I am at. Modeling and trying to be the next video vixen is not my goal and I don't see that in my future...just trying to be the best Fanya I can be. 

As always with my own learning experiences I want to share with other women so that we can be empowered and grow! Furthermore, I am excited about the swim suit  and I will be using it for motivation.

Now on a style tip here are a couple of swim suits that are hot from Victoria Secrets:

All photos from Victoria

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