Sunday, July 10, 2011

Runway Fierceness - Sachika

Web surfing on a Sunday Afternoon and I found treasure!!!
Of course, I am on my favorite website and I stumbled over pure fierceness...Sachika! Sachika is a fashion line that launched in 2009 and has been taking over runways ever since. Quickly I went to their website and found amazing works. To-Tam & To - Nya Sachika are identical twins that have a real sense about fashion. They are the creators of Sachika and they continue to bring their bubbly personality to fashion. These women are jacks of all trades and master of all! Sketching, designing, public relations, and marketing just to name a few. 
There new collection, "The Awaking of a Swan" is so graceful, fierce, and desirable.  What the collection represents is a woman who knows herself and is gracing her presence on the world.

Check out their 2011 Fall line. 


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