Thursday, July 14, 2011

We all need a little time for ourselves

Do you have a new job, kids, school, or just really busy? Sometimes we need to take the time out and do something for ourselves. We get so wrapped up in what the world wants us to do and we forget about things that we want to do. I was speaking with my Sorority Sister, Kendra, she came up with a great idea of coming up with 5 things you want to learn how to do just for yourself. There is a lot of things that we mean to do or just don't have the money to do and it can become a downer. Kendra and I turned our downer into empowerment of becoming the woman we want to be to do the things that matter to us. We suggest that you take the time out to see what exactly you want to do. Here is my list below:

  • Learn to paint and keep up with my nails  
  • Learn a language: Arabic/ French
  • My own eyeshadow
  • Get my 6 pack back
  • Eat healthier
We decided that in a year we would have everything done on our list. I am so excited to get started! Ladies when we are all done with our list we will feel so accomplished. Make sure you you set a realistic time to finish your goal. work actively on it and smile your doing what you want to do!!!

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