Tuesday, November 29, 2011

All New Chocolate Pearls

Starting next week Chocolate Pearls will have a different look in it's content!! We will still have the chocolaty page but there will be a couple of changes as far as the structure of the blog! It will be more inviting, more riveting, and greater for all my readers!!

Chocolate Pearls does it all for You...the reader!!!!

Monday -Pearls of Wisdom
Advice on fashion, beauty, relationships, and other women topics

  • Tuesdays - Outfit

How the editor (Fanya) is styling and profiling and a chance for others to submit their best outfits

  • Wednesdays - Chocolate Pearls Spotlight

Interviews and articles on favorite designers, bloggers, models, etc

  • Thursday - Beauty Bar

Favorite beauty items

  • Friday - Chocolate Pearl Favorites

Favorite items of the week

Hope you enjoy the new changes.


Marissa said...

Can't wait to see the new look, I do a Friday Favorites post as well and always get great comments on it.

Shante said...

I'm also excited to see what everything looks like.