Monday, December 5, 2011

Pearls of Wisdom: Diva’s take your life back!

It’s your life!! How are you going to live when you are carrying all that baggage? We seem to get shackled down with all the standards and opinions of others, that we lose ourselves, and who we want to be. Living life free is too truly express yourself and put outside thoughts in perspective.
This photo was taking  because I was so mesmerized with the sky. Just reminds me how free I am
#No Boundaries #Skies the limit
The opinions of others should not dictate your life. A great quote that by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer is, “What other people think of me is not my business.” Found this quote very inspiring, very fitting for my life, and important to share with all my divas.  We have different relationships, career, school, financial, etc. goals but some of us may get side tracked by others opinions. We worry about what are girlfriends are doing, what are families will think, and sometimes these standards of others can keep us stagnant of our goal. We have to learn to keep everything in perspective; we have choices, and the freewill to make our own choices. Though we love our family and friends etc. they are not living our lives. It’s always important to use these groups as resources but you should not be drawn away from your ultimate goals. Create your path to your happiness. If it’s love you seek, going back to school, changing careers, etc you should work on that if that makes you happy.
Divas live your life to the fullest everything won’t be perfect but it’s your journey to reach your mountain top!

Diva’s I challenge you to take the time out to think about what your mountain top would look like. Please give vivid details of what your life will be like once you let go of the shackles of other people.  Please share! 


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Chocolate Pearls said...

Thank you for the advice. I am glad you enjoyed! Hope to hear from you soon!