Monday, November 7, 2011

Chocolate Pearls Spotlight:

Fumbled on a great new website called estylechat that was created by Emily!! Emily has a one stop shop for fashion advice, great links to fab outfits, and does online personal shopping. is so easy to use and very personable. Emily's style, profession and how she brings personal shopping online caught my eye!! It's like having your bestie right beside you! Please do check out Emily's Website: estylechat

Also I have a spotlight interview with Emily...she has great style and advice!!

1. Why did you start your blog?
eStyle Chat was the product of my social media background and love for brands like Banana Republic, JCrew and Ann Taylor. Since I work full time in social and digital media, I look to blogs for a lot of my news, information and insight and it was hard to find a fashion blog for people who shop mainstream brands and do a huge majority of their shopping online.

I wanted to fill that void and focus on online shopping and clothes that are under $300. We also know it's hard to have confidence in a purchase when you can't try something on so that's also what we do on eStyle. We spend a lot of time talking about shipping policies, clothing fit and clothing quality.
2. Where does your creative juices come from?

Usually the clothes that are on my personal wish list! I never put anything on the blog that I wouldn't wear myself. I also turn to other women who have full-time, office jobs and find out what works for them instead of following the latest runway or designer trends.
3. Favorite part about fashion?

There is no better feeling than trying something on and knowing it will be a "go to" piece. I love how the right style and fit can make you feel so good! Fashion really provides confidence and few other industries can do that.
4. Favorite designer and why?

I love the style at Ann Taylor. Their clothes last and last and are high quality for the price. I also love Michael Kors and his line at Macy's. Michael Kors has designed a few pairs of pants that I can't live without.
5. What is your ultimate career goal for the fashion industry?

I'd like to become more involved with the brands I blog about. I think many brands are currently losing the opportunity to sell more clothing online because they don't offer multiple views of an outfit, reviews by other customers and an online personal shopping service. My goal is to help clothing stores provide a better online experience to their ecommerce shoppers. 
6. What's your personal style?

Such a good question...and a tough question! I think my personal style is preppy-classic. I don't wear a lot of feminine lace and I skip the grunge trends. A fitted sweater with dark jeans tucked into riding boots with a scarf is my go-to right now. I also love some of the leopard accessories and featured some fun finds in my Loving Leopard post. With my personal wardrobe, I try to pick and choose trends that I know will be flattering to me. Sometimes that means I have to skip the latest fashion finds but when I find a trend that works for me, I'll latch on and wear the heck out of it!

7. What would you recommend to someone who is trying to find their personal style?

Pick what you think is your absolute best asset and make sure any new piece you add to your wardrobe flatters that part of you. I actually wrote a whole post about this a few months ago on eStyle. You can find it here. Whether it's your legs, waist, shoulders or cleavage, don't follow a new trend unless it will make your favorite part look even better! This helps you dress with confidence and saves you a lot of money spent on fads that aren't your thing.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Fanya! It was wonderful to work with you! xoxo

Chocolate Pearls said...

Of course! You have great insight and look forward to working with you in the future :)